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How DNA Testing Is Changing Legal Procedures

DNA testing is a technology which evolved in the early 1980s, and which has been used increasingly ever since, often in controversial circumstances. It has been used to convict criminals, to release innocent people convicted of being criminals when they were not, and for other far less significant reasons. One of the most common uses […]

How Immigration DNA Testing Is Carried Out

Immigration DNA testing is often necessary to satisfy the authorities that your case for residence is genuine. Preparation for the test is quick and easy, as the test needs nothing more than a sample of cells taken from the inside of the cheek. The testing procedure is both painless and quick. If you are already […]

How DNA Genetic Testing Is Used In Civil And Criminal Cases

DNA genetic testing is a science which is still in its relative infancy, having only been discovered just over twenty years ago. The potential for this science is virtually limitless, but its very exact nature is what can cause it to fall down if the correct procedures are not adhered to closely enough. The standards […]

Is Forensic DNA Testing The Future Of Crime Detection?

Forensic DNA testing is an evolving, but still controversial, technique used in crime detection. It can also be used in civil cases such as paternity and disputes over legacies, but those are usually handled by standard swab tests. Criminal cases use DNA in a variety of ways, with exclusion being the most obvious and reliable. […]

Why The DNA Ethnicity Test Can Give Strange Results

DNA ethnicity test procedures are virtually identical to those used in paternity or other familial testing. That is because the fundamental objective is the same, to determine the ancestry and family background of the individual being tested. The significant differences will occur in situations where DNA testing itself may not be enough. In some cases, […]

Use DNA Testing Hair Techniques When Swabs Cannot Be Taken

DNA testing hair procedures differ from the usual buccal swab techniques which are commonly used in paternity and other tests involving home kits. They do, however, produce a result which is every bit as reliable as those of the standard tests. Of course, it is essential to make sure that you have the hair of […]

Can DNA Testing Services Give You A Solution To Family Concerns?

DNA testing services provide a valuable service to people who are involved in civil disputes as to parentage or inheritance, as well as playing a vital and ever-growing role within the criminal justice system. Although the techniques of DNA testing are relatively young compared to the vast majority of established science, they have been used […]

Why DNA Testing Lab Conditions Are So Critical To Legal Success

DNA testing lab conditions are one of the most critical factors in successfully using this revolutionary new technique in a legal situation. Although DNA testing has already gained a lot of good successes, there have been too many cases where doubt exists because of the possible failure of the DNA testing process. In criminal cases, […]

Should You Get a DNA Test To Help Your Legal Case?

Get a DNA test, and you will be using a technology which is still in its infancy. Although DNA testing has been commercially available for over two decades now, the techniques used are still evolving. Even senior scientists are unsure as to where the science will head in the coming years, as there is so […]