Can A DNA Swab Test Answer Your Deepest Family Questions?

DNA swab test results are most commonly used in situations where a family is in doubt as to the parentage of a child, or where there is a dispute over an inheritance. Swabs can be used in a criminal investigation, but only where the samples are being compared to DNA obtained in other ways from the scene of a crime. The results of a swab test should be among the most accurate of all DNA tests, because the sample will be fresh and the test carried out before there is any risk of contamination. The key to making this happen is to ensure that the swab is sterile to start with.

DNA testing is still in its infancy, having only been developed in the last twenty five years. There are many who saw it as a kind of panacea which would lead to a great reduction in crime rates, and that has not happened. Others believed it would solve a great many mysteries from the past. Some have been solved, but a great many remain mysteries because the results of testing are so controversial.

The workings of DNA make it especially suitable for resolving family issues, because the strands of DNA which are significant are inherited from both the father and the mother. Each individual has several strands of DNA which are unique, and these can be used to determine the parentage of a child, for example. The DNA swab test is the ideal vehicle for extracting this information so that it can be compared with that of those who are possibly of the same family.

The same system can be used to settle other family disputes, such as arguing over an inheritance which is only available to blood relatives. Although the DNA relationship between a parent and child is the closest and easiest to determine, there are definite similarities in the DNA of other blood relatives. As long as the swab tests are taken using clean equipment, and the samples are tested before they have had the chance to interact with foreign materials, there is no reason why the result should not be perfectly accurate.

It is possible to carry out a DNA swab test by having a home testing kit sent to you through the mail. You will then need to collect the DNA using the provided swabs, and forward them back to the testing center. The results will be calculated for you, and sent to you as soon as they are ready. The disadvantage of this method when it comes to legal proceedings is that there is no proof that the correct swabs were used in producing the test results. If you are involved in a legal fight, you would do better to attend a center to have a properly recorded and verified DNA swab test.

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