Why The DNA Testing Cost Can Vary So Much

DNA testing cost projections vary wildly from the simple home test to determine paternity, to the expensive and drawn out legal battles surrounding the innocence or guilt of a convicted man. The former will be within the budget of the vast majority of families, while the latter can take funding into the millions. DNA is a relatively new technology, and its uses and procedures are still not accurately defined. There are disagreements even within the scientific community as to the reliability of the more controversial techniques used, and new methods of magnification are being developed and tested all the time.

For a basic home paternity kit, the price will be within the budget of most families. Often, these tests are carried out for no other reason than to give peace of mind to the family concerned. They will be virtually certain as to the identity of the child’s father, but still that small nagging doubt will remain. The paternity test can solve the issue for good, but do make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. You are still dealing with a chemical procedure during which contamination can easily occur.

The cost involved in DNA testing is a direct result of the difficulty of accessing the samples, and of the number of expert man hours which need to be invested. A home test can be carried out with absolutely no expert man hours being needed, but if the tests are being carried out for legal reasons this will obviously need to change. If lawyers need to be brought in to a case, the expense will soon mount up. Some custody battles can be drawn out and protracted, even after the issue of blood parentage has been settled.

The cost projections for criminal DNA testing can be in a different league altogether. One of the immediate problems for anyone looking to use DNA in this way is that you are never going to get the cooperation between all parties that you can get in a paternity case. When someone hopes and believes that they are the father of their child, they will be willing and eager to take a test which can prove it. Anyone who knows they are guilty of a crime will not be willing.

The DNA testing cost is even more extreme in older cases where the family of a convicted felon are trying to clear their name. This can lead to bodies needing to be exhumed, relatives of people who have long been dead needing to be found so that their DNA can be matched to existing samples, and trips across the country or even to other parts of the world. Many families who remain convinced that one of their members was not guilty of a crime have had to stop fighting to prove their case because of the rising DNA testing cost.

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